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I was recently invited to the closed beta of a new service called coderbits by Scott Smith - Founder and CEO of coderbits. According to the site's backstory, its purpose is to improve verifiability of the skills, traits, and knowledge of software developers and designers. It attempts this by essentially collecting and analysing great amounts of data from many of the user's profiles across the web.

My coderbits profile
My coderbits profile as of 2013-03-07T18:30:00Z.

Coderbits supports a shockingly large number of services and is still working to support more. If your work history is published on LinkedIn, your design portfolio on Behance, and your code contributions on various repository hosts like GitHub, Bitbucket, Google Code, Sourceforge, and Codeplex, it becomes pretty clear that presenting and validating all your skill data to potential business partners is not a simple task. The challenge of profiling all of these skills is compounded by adding into this mix the emergence of next-generation education services such as Coursera, Codecademy, P2PU, and Code School as well as communication skills expressed across various social media platforms such as Twitter and blogs.

Coderbits makes this process painless. My first impression upon seeing the cross-site account connection page was astonishment. I hadn't even heard of many of these sites. After plugging in my already existing profiles, I began exploring and finding many interesting services. Data from all these sites contribute to scores for different skills, traits, and expertise.

Oh, and it also has possibly one of my favourite features of any service (gamer at heart): achievements!

The coderbits badge gallery displays achievements unlocked by the user.

Badges are awarded for demonstrating various levels of skill and dedication. One design aspect I find quite interesting is the relation between badges and traits. Each badge is associated with a trait: Ambition, Self Development, Influence, Productivity, or Knowledge. Earning badges contributes to the main profile's breakdown of the user's traits. In this way, one would strive to earn badges as a way to improve one's overall personality profile.

Since coderbits is in closed beta, a beta invitation key is required to join. Those interested can follow this link to gain access using my invitation key. There are unlimited beta keys as of the time of this publication, and there's no monetary cost to users. If you're a software developer or a designer of any kind, I highly recommend giving this service a try.


  1. Anonymous15:21

    Thanks for the very well written review of coderbits.

    - Scott Smith (Founder and CEO)

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Being new to the blogging world, it's encouraging to receive positive comments like that. Keep up the good work with coderbits!